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Welcome From Our Staff

At Thai Hollistic Healing, we use a hollistic approach to solve health problems and healing that incorporates the whole being of a person in physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual dimentions. Hollistic health is based on the law of nature, a whole person is made up of interdependent parts. If one part has malfunctioned, it would impact the other parts of that person as well. The cause of the problem will be addressed, the choices and level of treatments will be individual designed to optimize the outcome in the short and long term. The goal is to achieve maximum comfort and well-being.

Are you suffering from:

  • Neck, back, or low back pain?
  • Sores, aches, muscle spasms or cramps?
  • Tightness, stiffness, or limited range of motion?
  • Migraines, or tension headaches?
  • Insomnia due to stress and anxiety?
  • Difficulty concentrating?
  • Exhaustion or lack of energy?

If yes, we could help you.
Our practitioners are knowledgeable and experienced in their expertise.

We are experts in Thai Medical Massage, Thai Yoga and Bodywork, Thai reflexology, stretches exercise and etc.