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Details on Our Precautions


Updated: December, 2023

We just wanted to remind everyone that we strictly observe COVID-19 precautions to ensure that both our clients and staff are safe. We disinfect all surfaces after every use with anti-microbial solution and UV light. We have also enforced mandatory temperature checks and mask-wearing rule in which a mask or face covering must cover both the nose and the mouth, and must be worn before entering our establishment and during the massage session. We care deeply about your health and safety, and we will do everything in our power to maintain a safe environment for you to come let us melt your stress away!

What we do to protect everyone. We always take extra precautions!!

  1. We check temperature
  2. We ask everyone wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. We also provide hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in the office and treatment rooms.
  3. We constantly clean & disinfect all touched surfaces, areas and tools before and after each client and through out the facility. Using disinfectant and UV light.
    UV light
  4. We require all staff and clients wearing masks all the time and keep social distancing while in the facility
  5. Keep doors open as much as we can for better air circulation and use an air purifier
  6. All clients are required to fill out or up date the Intake Forms and answer COVID-19 Questionnaires online before entering the facility.
  7. We limit the number & time of staff and clients in the office and treatment rooms.
  8. To limit in- person contact, all bookings and taking payments can be done online.